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Unitech USA is one of the leading wholesalers in the field of analytical and research laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables.

Unitech USA focus is to provide an excellent service and guaranteed a cordial and respectful relationship with its providers, employees and clients.

Unitech USA represents some of the most prominent and prestigious brands in the industry.


To be a trusted and valued partner to our clients, by providing them with a balanced quality-time-price delivery approach, and help them focus to achieve desired business growth.


To become the premier provider of laboratory equipment and supplies by providing the highest quality products to our clients and aiming for 100% satisfaction.


Experience · Quality · Reliability


Lab Supplies

Quality tools for precise tests for research and experiments in Laboratories.  Flasks, pipets, tubes, vials, baths, centrifuges, hot plates, incubators, ovens, shakers, sitrrers, balances, ovens, Desiccators, Burrets, evaporators, refrigerators. Corning, Brandtech,  Thermo, Adam, Bel-art, Memmert.

Food and Beverage

Monitoring, testing, and ensuring foods nutrition, safety, and quality.  Kits of Allergen, glucose, acetic acid and ammonia  burrets, reagents, chemicals, oven, water metters, weighing scales, muffle furnaces. R-Biopharm, Neogen, Mettler, Ricca, Testo, Fisherbrand, Pickering, Nasco


Research and development with a commercial focus in fields like agriculture, food science, environmental science, earth science, pharmaceutical science, engineering and technology. Multiparameter Water Meters; Refrigerated circulating baths; safety clothing, buffers and standards, organic compounds, Hplc Columns, solvents, Calorimeter. Julabo, Supelco, mac-mod, Pickering, Hamilton, Restek, Dupont Tyvek


Metals and mining

Evaluate the global mining sector, monitor the volatile metals, mitigate risk, and align essential data, analytics, and insights. Hardness testing kit, Calibration standards; acid bottle holders, ultrasonic processor; sonicator; probes (TMA); cells; Calorimeters; Hach, VWR, Sonicator, Qsonica, Branson, Oakton, Brady, Digi-sense


Essential to gather and analyze data on how to prevent and alleviate it from hazards caused to the environment and the ecological system  Rotary evaporator; Benchtop pH meter; Laminar flux cabinet and biological safety; Certified Reference Materials (CRMs); digital homogenizers; colony counter. Starna, Accustandard, Reichert, Lamotte, labconco, Buchi, Waterborne, Lumex, Proscientific


Centered on a highly organic chemicals derived from crude oil and natural gas Furnace, Centrifuge for testing oils, viscosimetric bath, Laboratory mill, Rotaevaporator, Calorimetric pump, Syring pump, combiflash system. Thermo; Thermolyne, Lindberg; Branson, Benchmark Hermle, Accustandard


Ferrules; manual crimper; Vials, reagents and chemicals, Analytical columns, tensionmeter, Nitrogen and oxidizer calibration standards; gas purifiers; Filters RESTEK, SGE, CRS, VICI VALCO, TRAJAN, UPCHURCH, SKYRAY, Uniqsys.    



Safety guidelines to help avoid potential risks due to exposure to corrosive and toxic materials, flammable solvents, high pressure gases, explosive chemicals, and dangerous microbes. Microbiological Swab; wipes clean room; gas purifiers; Protection mask; protection glasses; Clothing Resistant to Chemical Products; Flame resistant cabinet; Waste Management; Texwipe, Kimberly-Clark, Hammond Drierite, Drager, Brady, MSA, Honeywell, Ansell, Justrite


Research of how natural or man-made poisons produce harmful effects on living organisms. microscope; Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; Dispensers and Pipettors; Western Blot Imaging Systems; Real-time PCR system; Vertical Gel Running System; Amino Acid Analysis; TRC, Santa Cruz, Eppendorf, Thermo; Owl and Pierce, Hitachi


Research and Development

Science and technology, with the aim of developing or improving a solution to an existing problem. Nitrogen; Microplate washer; Ultrafreezer -86C; Microcentrifuge; Power Supplies Electrophoresis; ABSORBANCE MICROPLATE READER; Thermo Forma, Revco, Accuspin & Artic Fisherbrand accuskan.


Living cells to develop or manipulate products for specific purposes. Autoclaves. Microcentrifuge, tube racks, centrifuge tubes, water bath, incubator, petridishes, Bunsen burner, pcr tubes, Electrophoresis Chamber Market forge, Yamato, Heidolph, Stuart, Corning Falcon, Pyrex , Axygen and Eisco

Quality assurance

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Unitech USA

As a small business and vastly growing company we offer a great amount of flexibility; Unitech USA is continuously striving to improve our industries knowledge and service.We seek to serve our clients at the rate they deserve. We work diligently to expand our variety of loyal customers each and every day. Our primary focus is to provide our clients with the best products and services. We supply to industries in need of laboratory supplies, equipment and chemicals, including those in the educational and research areas.

To accomplish our goals we work with some of the most prominent, prestigious and well-respected brands and manufacturers worldwide. In these times of innovative and absolute growth in technology, it is our priority to display our key ingredient, a successful business with integrity. Our ability to focus, provide quality service, and offer our clients competitive pricing, sets us apart. Our staff is composed of multiple capacities, a diversity in fluent speaking languages, and constant support and eagerness to help at any given time.

We are here for you!



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